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Mixing Process - (Mastering Is Included Free Of Charge)                     Bookmark and Share

This page explains the entire mixing process from the time your order it, until the time we finish it and deliver you a professional sounding song.

3 Easy Steps To Getting Started With Our Mixing Services

After deciding on a Mixing Option (with free mastering included), from the Mixing Rates Page, follow the 3 steps below:

  • Add your Mixing Option to your cart and then purchase it in the Purchase & Upload Songs Page of the website
  • Then fill out the Order Form and click submit.
  • Then upload your audio files to us from our safe and secure FTP server,  provided by Hightail.

Getting Your Audio Files Ready For Sending

  • We accept OMF Files, CWB Files, Broadcast Wave Files, Wave Files and AIFF Files. If your sending Wave Files or AIFF Files, you will need to export them starting at zero. Meaning measure one, beat one. This is so they line up when I import them. Absolutely Positively Mp3's will not be accepted! Unless there is no other alternative
  • When exporting, we prefer your audio tracks to be dry with No EQ, Compression, and Limiting. The only effects you should have on the audio tracks are effects that are key to the sound, like delays, flanger and chorus
  • Include all track notes via email, if you have them
  • Sending a rough mix of your song can be helpful, but isn't needed.
  • If your sending us allot of audio tracks. Its easier to select all the tracks and then zip it. then upload the zip file to us. This way you can upload all the tracks at the same time..How to make a Zip file
  • Mixes should be no longer than 6 minutes long. If they are, an added charge will be agreed upon

When We Receive Your Tracks:

  • We will evaluate each track within the context of the mix in our tuned environment
  • A 3D stereo Image of you mix will be created using special panning and effect techniques. Each instrument will be able to sit in its own place inside the mix.
  • The Levels will be balanced for each track and this will make each track relative to each other in the mix
  • EQ will be applied to every instrument. This will make sure that you can hear each instrument clearly and  each instrument will sit in its very own frequency range
  • Ambiance and dimension will be added to your mix with the insertion of effects.  Including reverb, chorus, delays and others that are needed
  • The use of compression will be used in such a way that your instruments will sit better in the mix, more punch will be added and it will sound more powerful
  • We will make sure all the tracks are cleaned up before and after each take

When We Have Finished:

  • When we finish mixing and mastering your song, we will send you a full length version of your mixed and mastered song for you to listen to on all your sound systems
  • If you think something needs to be addressed. We will re-mix and/or re-mix and re-master it using your recommendations and send you another full length version of your song for you to listen to again. We will keep doing this until your completely satisfied. You have 5 days after we send your song to decide if you want revisions done do it. You get another 2 days after each revision. All revisions must be submitted at one time.