December 27, 2018


I have found that when you record a singer or someone playing guitar or drums, they will perform better when they are more comfortable in their surroundings.

These are the things I do to make them feel comfortable:

  • I have their favorite snacks and drinks on hand in the studio. Ask ahead what they like.

  • I create a good atmosphere in the studio, by lighting candles, dimming the lights and of course plugging in the lava lamp. do not let the recording environment be sterile or clinical.

  • I never make them feel pressured to get it in one take and I never rush them to record. Sometimes its best to just talk for a few minutes before we get down to work.

  • If you see the singer or starting to get frustrated, let them take a break. A lot of times when they come back from a short break is when they give you their best takes.

  • If you are recording a singer, here are 2 times of the day that is best for recording. If the song needs a clean vocal, its best to record him or her in the morning when their voice is fresh. If you want a harsher tone form the singer, later at night is the best when the vocal chords have been working all day.

  •  If the song calls for a lot of emotion form the vocal take or even a guitar solo, tell the artist not to hold back, to let it go and lay everything you have down.. If the artist is showing emotion during the recording take, the sound they are producing will have emotion because its coming from pure emotion.

  •  When recording singers, it is best to have as few people as possible their, as many singer are shy. This might not go down well with the other band members, but I have found that I get better vocal takes when its only the singer, recording engineer and producer in the room.

So those are my tips to making an artist feel comfortable and getting the best take out of them. I hope you have learned something and please bookmark and share this blog with others.