June 22, 2019

CJ Audio Mastering Studio


Have you ever wondered how you can make a 2 Dimensional mix (left right and center), sound like its in 3D? 

Its easier to do than you think. to have a 3D mix, you need to create a 3D stereo filed and you do that by placing each instrument in its own stereo field

We need to make each instrument sound like it is coming from the back right, front right, back left, front left, back center, mid center, front center, mid back right, mid back left and so on. 

We can achieve this by:

  • Using a series of very short delays, AKA Reverb
  • Delays
  • Mid and Side EQ edits
  • Pan knobs (on sends,tracks and bus's)  

With those 4 things, you can make a mix sound like it had depth and have it perceived like its in 3D.

Think of it like this, a canvas that you paint on are 2 dimensional. But the way the painter paints a picture, they make it look like it had depth and in 3 dimensions (3D). The same goes for audio mixing and creating a nice stereo filed that is perceived to have 3 dimensions.

I gave you the 4 main tools, now its up to you to hone your skills and make your next mix, a 3D mix with each instrument in its own space.

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