March 5, 2020


Advantages To Reamping

 For one you can play around with different kinds of sounds without worrying about playing your instrument. Its very helpful when trying to find that perfect guitar sound when you are mixing your song.

 Another advantage is that you will always have the original dry recorded take. This is good if you need to go back later and edit something later.

 Reamping is not only for guitar, you can reamp bass guitars, drums, synths and even vocals. You can re-amp anything recorded into your DAW.

2 Basic Elements To Reamping

♦ Recording a track with no effects on it. Its known as a clean or dry track.

♦ Then you send that audio back out of your DAW, into a DI box like the Radial JCR Studio Reamper to match the impedance and into your mic'd guitar amp's input or through your outboard effects like an amp simulator or guitar pedals. Then re-recorded back into your DAW onto a different track. 

An example of the reamping signal chain

1. Example of a guitar getting reamped through a guitar amp that is mic'd
Recording the dry signal

Guitar → Hi-Z input of your audio interface → Recorded onto a mono track in the DAW.

Reamping the guitar signal

DAW → Line out of your interface → Into a DI box (like the Radial i mentioned) → In your guitar amp → Microphone → Line input of your audio interface → Recorded into your DAW on another mono track.

2. Example of bass guitar reamped through an amp simulator, like a Bass Pod

Recording the dry signal

Bass guitar → Hi-Z input of your audio interface → Printed on a mono track in your DAW.

Reamping the bass guitar
DAW → Line out of your sound card → In a DI box like the Radial → Into an amp sim → Into the line input of your sound card → Recorded in the DAW on a different mono track.

These are just some examples of how one could reamp. You can replace an instrument of your choice with any of the examples of above.

An Important Note: When reamping, you should mute the audio track in your DAW that you are reamping, so you do not hear the clean/dry signal and the reamped signal. This way you can dial in the sounds without hearing the dry track.

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