January 5, 2020

Online Mastering


Warning, I have never written a review before. I never really wanted to, until i got this cool new toy. I am not a singer, not even close, but i sing background vocals in my band and i needed something to make me sound better and more on key. Yea, i am that bad! So i went shopping and after a few days of reading , contemplating and researching, i pulled the trigger on the TC-Hellion Voicelive Play harmony and effects pedal. After spending a month with the pedal, i felt that i should share somethings with you. 

Well it didn't turn me into Freddie Mercury, that would take an act of God, but it did improve my vocals 10 fold. My voice did not actually make dogs hid under the bed anymore. The pedal comes with over 200 preset, a looper, a built in mic to detect pitch for harmonies and pitch correction, practice mode and all the effects you can imagine like chorus, flanger, delay, reverb, filters, stereo imaging and EQ and a power chord.

The pedal itself is very sturdy, very sturdy. The case is made form a strong metal and the 3 foot pedal buttons feel firm and can handle the rigors of touring/playing out. It also has a 'Hit' button so you can toggle between 2 different sounds, like between verse and chorus without changing the preset, but it enables you to add another effect or stronger effect settings. If you step the on the Hit button for 3 seconds, it turns into talk back mode and bypasses all the effects. I found it very easy to create your own pre-sets and save them to new banks and its also easy to edit the presets as save them as well. 

Since it had an external mic for detecting pitch for the pitch correction and harmonies, it does not come with a 1/4" input for your guitar like most pedals in the genre do. But i figured out a way to connect my bass guitar to it  so it detects the pitch of it. This will also work with a guitar or any other instrument you can plug into it. 

It has a 1/8" input to connect your phone or audio playing device for singing along to and this input detects the pitch as well. So I got a 1/4" to 1/8" cable and got the signal from my bass pedal board from one of my pedals that has a direct out (Hartke XLR Toneshaper) and then I went into the TC Helicon's settings and turned the volume all the way down for that 1/8" AUX input input. This is so my bass wasn't going to the PA, just like my vocals are, but it was still detecting the notes of my bass as i played and sang. Awesome!!!

I find this way better than using the external mic for detecting pitch, as its only following my bass and its not detecting the drums and other distracting sounds. So if that feature was a deciding factor on you not getting this pedal, do no let it be. The pitch correction is awesome in it and the vocal harmonies are great.