Mastering Is Free With Every Mixing Service You Purchase

 - You Receive Free Mastering With Every Song We Mix For You -




  1. Digital Download of Your Mixed and Mastered Song To CD format (16bit/44kHz) Or At Wave File Format Of Your Choice
  2. Free Mastering On Each Song We Mix For You
  3. Free Revisions
  4. 320 Bitrate MP3 Upon Request When Ordering
  5. Prices Are For Songs Less Than 6 Minutes. If the song is longer than 6 minutes, the price is an extra $15 for every 15 seconds it goes over the 6 minute mark.

Prices are determined by the track count of each song

  • One 2 to 4 Track Song – $95
  • One 5 to 8 Track Song – $130 
  • One 9 to 13 Track Song – $170 
  • One 14 to 17 Track Song – $210 
  • One 18 to 21 Track Song – $250 
  • One 22 to 25 Track Song – $290 
  • One 26 to 29 Track Song – $330 
  • One 30 to 33 Track Song – $370 
  • One 34 to 38 Track Song – $410
  • One 39 to 49 Track Song – $450 

Songs that have more than than 49 Tracks  -  CONTACT US For special rates  


  1. Gold Master Grade CD of Your Mixed and Mastered Songs. Burned To Red Book Specifications For Duplication & Replication
  2. Free Mastering With Every Song We Mix For You
  3. An Error Checked Reference Master CD
  4. Embedding of CD Text, ISRC Codes & PQ Codes
  5. Printed Track Sheet & PQ List
  6. Digital Downloads of Your Mixed & Mastered Audio Files (Will also include mp3's upon request)
  7. Free Revisions
  8. Prices Are For Songs Less Than 6 Minutes 

Prices are determined by the track count of each song

  • One 2 to 4 Track Song – $130
  • One 5 to 8 Track Song – $170
  • One 9 to 13 Track Song – $210
  • One 14 to 17 Track Song – $250
  • One 18 to 21 Track Song – $290
  • One 22 to 25 Track Song – $330
  • One 26 to 29 Track Song – $360
  • One 30 to 33 Track Song – $400
  • One 34 to 38 Track Song – $430
  • One 39 to 49 Track Song – $470

Songs with more than 49 tracks - Contact Us for special pricing



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Mixing With Us Will Do All These Things

  1. We will balance all the levels of each track. So each track is relative to each other in the mix.
  2. We will create a 3D stereo Image of you mix using special panning and imaging techniques. Every instrument will sit in its own place in the mix.
  3. We will apply EQ to each instrument, so that you can hear each instrument clearly, and so that each instrument sits in its own frequency range.
  4. We will add dimension and ambiance to your mix with the addition of effects. Such as reverb, chorus, delays, and other effects that are deemed needed.
  5. We will control the dynamics of each track with the use of compression in such a way that it will make your instruments have more punch, sound louder and sit better in the mix.
  6. We will clean up all unwanted noise between takes and tracks. Other studio and engineers will charge you extra for this!
  7. The bottom line is that we will make your music sound better than you ever expected it to sound like

Having An Experienced Engineer Mix Your Song, Will Do All Of These Things To Your Music

  1. SignificantlyEnhances The Quality Of Your Songs
  2. Improve The Songs Marketability
  3. Improve Your Chances For Success
  4. Dramatically Improves Your Final Master. You master is only as good as your mix. The better your mix sounds, the better your master will sound
  5. Having an experienced audio engineer with a trained set of ears, in a controlled environment, will mix and master your music to sound its best on all sound playback systems. This will set your music above everyone else's and make it level to the ones that were produced commercially

Getting Your Files Ready For Our Mixing Service

We accept OMF Files, CWB Files, Wave Files, Broadcast Wave Files, and AIFF files. No Mp3's accepted, unless that's all you have. 

  • Export each track from the start of the song so that the song lines up automatically when I import the wave files into my program.
  • When you export your audio files, we prefer your audio tracks to be dry with no EQ, Compression, Reverb and Limiting. The only effects you should have on the audio tracks are effects that are key to the sound, such as chorus and flanger.
  • Include track notes, if you have them.
  • If you have a lot of us audio tracks. Its easier to select all tracks and then zip it into one Zip File or RAR File. Then upload the zip file to us. Our safe and secure FTP server can upload up to 2 gigs at one time.
  • Prices are for songs less than 6 minutes. If the song is greater than 6 minutes, an addition charge can be added depending on how much longer the song is. If its like a 7 minute song, it could be an extra $20

If you have any question, please feel free to CONTACT US - There are no stupid questions

- Our Guarantee To You -

With every song that gets mixed and mastered online by us, you will get the full length version of your song sent to you for your final approval. You have four days from the time we send you the mixed and mastered audio file to request any modifications you want made. We will revise those revisions you gave us until you are 100%  satisfied with the sound of your music.

After each revision, you have another two days to request more revisions to your original revisions. Just let us know and we will do it for free. We will continue working on those revisions until you are completely satisfied. We want and need you to be 100% satisfied with your work and our audio mixing & mastering services. We want you to return to us for your next mixing or mastering project.

Turnaround time for our Mixing Services (that include free mastering) is usually between 24 hours to 3 days from receipt of your audio files and payment. 

If you selected the option that includes the CDs being mailed to you, please allow an extra 1 to 3 days for shipping. We ship all CDs with the United States Postal Service.

We Also Provide These Services Also
- Vocal Pitch Correction (Vocal Tuning) -
- Vocal Harmonies -
- Lead Vocal Doubling -
- Professional Studio Musicians -

Vocal Tuning / Pitch Correction - To fix out of key vocals.
Vocal Harmonies - We can produce vocal harmonies from your single vocal track and make it sound like a chorus. This is great for "Hooks" and Chorus.
Lead Vocal Doubling - Great for thickening up your main vocal track

 CONTACT US for special pricing for any of these vocal options listed above.

We also offer Studio Musician Services. If you can think of it, we can do it. Contact Us with a description of what you need done and we will quote you a price 

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