''CJ made an outstanding job with our production and mix. Enhancing the right frequencies, overall mix and helping it shine even more, even though we thought we had reached an optimum.

He is very professional in his approach. Looking forward to working with him soon."

Rob Landry - Producer of Julia Pessoa

"Dude wow. Sounds GREAT. I've had nothing but good comments about my song, Ur right about the drum panning...didn't really notice that they weren't very wide until u said something. It might have been the way I positioned the overheads.
My roommate was like "wow! how's he do that?! Thanks bro"

Ben Elder

"The Sound Is Banging Man! WOW! I wish I met you before. My other songs sound like $hit as other studios just take your cash and do a $hit job! This sounds better than the ones I had mastered at Abbey Road! WOW!"

Salvo Riggi

"I am definitely sold on you completing all my mixing and mastering from here on out. The track sounds amazing. I'm surprised you are not that expensive. I will mos def be sending you more songs to complete."

Chardarian Simien

"I've listened "New Orleans" on my system- it sounds great! Thank you! Now i can say that i like the sound of our new album. It was a great pleasure to work with you! Your sound work made our music something we even didn't expect. Now it sounds like the REAL thing and getting more serious. Thank you for your great job and good understanding"

Mishouris Blues Band

"Hello CJ, I have to tell you that your mastering work is impeccable. Not just saying this, because I mastered the same song at Abbey Road and that was not to this extent at all. I monitored the master on B&W 802s and they sound really good. All the linear notes I gave were beautifully implemented into the master."

Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy

“If you are interested in adding the extra spark to your songs, I highly recommend CJ for your audio mastering. CJ being a musician, interpreted the feel I was trying get across very well and delivered tracks that my pushed my mixes up a notch. Very conscientious work ethic. Very knowledgeable. You won't go wrong with that! Thanks CJ.”

Herb Conway

"I am a hard rock artist that finds it hard to trust other engineers with my music, but had no cause to worry with Audio Mastering And Mixing. I was delighted with the smooth, warm but staggeringly powerful results, and all completed with a prompt turn-around time.  Many thanks - I shall be back for more in the future."

Daniel Trigger

"I always respect those who do what they say they're gonna do. You're one of them. Thanks for taking care of all my requests on the CD text."

Oakcrest Family Church

"Thank you for your fast service, and great work. The song sounds really good, I am very happy with all of your choices. Your work is as advertised! Most online studios are not!"

Phlex Skillz /ShoShot Entertainment

Hi CJ. Nice work. I requested samples of this tune from 3 companies, and yours was clearly the best. BTW, the other companies were Headroom Mastering and Sage Audio. They charge less than you, so I guess they "should be" worse, but life doesn't always work that way. Anyway, thanks in advance for the timely, quality job.

Jim Boardwine CEO of Gateway City Records LLC

Now this is how a professionally mastered album is suppose to sound like! CJ Jacobson did an amazing mastering job. Before i sent you my 11 song album, all the songs where sounding mediocre and they just did not flow as an album should flow. After you did what you did, the album flows and all of the songs are the same level. You also gave each song that punch and clarity that you hear on singed artist's albums. You are amazing CJ and keep up the GREAT work!!" 
Fools Of Illusion

"We here at Creme X Records are very impressed with the expertise you put into the song and it's no doubt we're now a regular client of yours.
Thank you so much CJ and we'll definitely be recommending you from now on." 

Creme X Records

"CJ all I gata say is your a bad ass man. You gat my business for now on. Keep being a bad ass" and i'll keep onsnedingyou my songs."


"Man its perfect. Sounds great bro. Thanks for fixing my mixes. You'll definitely get one of the first copies for your archives."

Minority Records LLC

"CJ, I forgot to tell you what a great job you did mastering our tune. You really cleaned up the mud in the low end and just did an outstanding job!"

Daniel Smith

"Hey CJ, It sounds excellent to me. Nice and warm, very full sound. I can't fault it! I was worried the hats and vocal ess'es would be brought up to too much but they're a perfect balance."


"We really loved what you did to the first track ("Trust"). Really great job on the first track. Sounds juicy but still clear."

Andre Milton - Heart Streats

"Hello CJ, just wanted to say we are very pleased with the mastered work....YOU NAILED IT DAWG!!.. Thanks alot for your hard work"

Derek Skeen - The Native Truth

"In general, everything "pops" so much more. The tracks sound quite nice. I'm impressed! Your mastering is just so much more "present." Very cool."

Fusion Entertainment

"Thank you so much. Great Mastering Job with a quick turn around. You have a new customer for sure thanks"


"I Got it! It Sounds AWESOME!! Thank you so much I am very happy. I listened to it in my car, on my laptop and on my main system ... perfect. I'll have lots of work for you."


"I just want to let you know you did a great job on my track and from now on you'll be the guy to do all my mastering. I will also recommend you to all my clients as well. Im a engineer and i'm very hard to please when it comes to mastering and you do a great job. Once again thanks!"

Gentry Kozia

"CJ, You did a wonderful job!! I'll definitely be sending over my entire album once its done! Thank you..."


I listened to both, and A/B'd them with the mixes I previously sent.. Broken Mirror sounds FANTASTIC. With a capital FAN. LOVE IT!! It was a complicated mix for me; thanks for taking it to the next level. I have much to learn."

Cauldron Soundwerx Production

It sounds really awesome!!! We are really liking the sound on the mastered songs CJ. Thank you!"

Nathan Looney

"Hey CJ, I listened to it in a couple of sound systems and it sounds really good. I am satisfied with the final master."

Triplebeam Entertainment

"I Just wanted to thank you for a really great job. We are very much looking forward to our next collaboration."

Dushi Band Of Aruba

"THANX, THE MASTERING SOUNDS GREAT! U GOT MY BUSINESS.. Thanx for being very patient with me. You're Awesome Dude honestly"

Lies In Fiction

“CJ did a fantastic job mastering several tracks from my Wings Of Fire CD. I highly recommend his services and he is a personable fella, which is important in this very tough business world!!”

Mark Cloutier

"CJ, Thanks for taking the time to give "The Long Return" another listen and a new master and thanks for your work and attention to detail on all three tracks. I appreciated your quick, informative responses to my questions."

Richard Allen

"I love it!! Thanks a lot, We got there in the end! :-) I appreciate all the hard work you put into the album! thanks"

Victoria Ekenna

"I listened to it on several different sound systems and IT SOUNDS GREAT on all of them!!!! That is hard to do. I'll definitely be using your services again."


"Just wanted to thank you again in the name of the guys of SonicLab 297 for a great job and excellent service. As soon as we are ready with the finances to proceed with the other songs we'll let you know.
Best regards,"

Sonic Lab 297

"AAAAAAmazing. I woke up my wife to hear it (and that's dangerous) and holy shit. It's Amazing!!! You're a genius. You be the Wizard. CJ is amazing! He truly has the gift! From start to finish, from mix to master I never knew my songs could sound like this! Thank you, thank you CJ."

Ira & Michelle Baslow

“CJ Mastered my first single for me! He did a great job! I couldn't believe the difference from my original cut and after he mastered it. He took the time to e-mail back and forth and answer all the questions that I had!
Thanks, CJ"

Sarah Mclamb

"I am totally 100% satisfied with your work and we will be working together for long long time THX"

Reality Records

“CJ Jacobson has consistently provided me with excellent masters of my music. I know his work is superior to other online mastering services because once I got the same song mastered by him and another website (that actually charged me more) and listened to them side by side. It was clear that he had done a much better job. This guy knows what he is doing, and I trust him with my music. Thanks CJ.”

Mikayel Currim - The Story Of The Sun

"I just need to express my excitement: You seem to have a magic touch with music. I have tried many different mastering houses. Some local studios and some online ones which were really hit and miss. I was honestly skeptical of your service when I first saw the prices. Keep up the awesome work and thanks CJ for helping us indie artist."

Shawn Morris

"Thank you so much CJ, I'm lovin da sound. I'll be sending you more tracks weekly."

Da God Profit

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It sounds great. Can't wait to put it on iTunes. Be well. I do recommend you to others. It's the least I can do.
Thank you for doing your job as described."

Adam Dunstan

"Man I love it! and It sounds great! That's some really good stuff you did! I am Amazed how it sounds"


These sound great, CJ! I like how these are not over compressed. The quality and volume seem to be just right for me."

Chris Dodgen

"Hey man the master sounds absolutely great!!! I can def get some radio play with this one!!! I'm shooting a video for this song next month so this will be perfect!"

Jaay Blayze

"Hi CJ, Thanks a lot for mixing those files with the flutes and Cajon. I really liked what you did. Great Job! It must have taken some work.
Thanks again and take care!"

Kevin Donoho

"I Like the work, but most importantly your work ethic, you are easy to talk to, you deliver when you promise and i appreciate your review."

Joan Muwanguzi

"Thank you so much, it sounds great. I'm going to start working on some more songs, and I will definitely use your service for mastering."

Ian Bouras

"It sounds great, man. You definitely have my approval. When I send you my next songs, use your professional judgement to make any kind of tonality/coloring adjustments that you think will suit our music."

Brennon Marcum Of The Observer

"It's good to finally find a good mastering engineer that does a cracking job. I have used many online mastering services, and I can honestly say, none of them have presented me anything that comes close to your magic.. ;) I will look forward to working with you more in the future.. Many thanks for a great job, sounds amazing!"

Mark Rustell

Hi CJ, I heard the songs and awesome job. The mastering just made the song shimmer and everyone loves it. Thank you so much and we will be back.

Jeff Senour / CTS